Be Prepared

DO NOT SIGN any documents until notary is present!

At the time of your appointment:  

All Signers Must:

  • Present current, unexpired State or Federal identification
    i.e., Passport, Government/Military or ID card (photo, signature & physical description)
  • Fully understand the document(s) they are signing
  • Sign documents as their free and voluntary act

All Witnesses Must:

  • Not be a family member of signer(s)
  • Not be a employee of a facility, if signer(s) is in a care facility
  • Not be receiving any benefit or power of authority from any document


  • By law, I am not able to create or provide general forms such as Power of Attorney, Health Care Directives, etc. I am not an attorney and by law I am expressly prohibited to interpret contents of any document, give instruction on how to complete a document or offer guidance in the advisability of signing any document.
  • Documents such as wills, powers of attorney, healthcare directives and trusts have to be signed in the presence of legal witnesses and a notary. Signer(s) must be able to understand contents of the document being notarized.

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